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Success and Fulfillment - What's the difference?

Aktualisiert: 7. Juli 2022

Have you ever wondered why there are people who walk trough life as everything is falling into their lap and then their are people who have to work really, really hard to achieve what they want?

If you want to learn what is the difference between both and how you can bring more fulfillment into your life along with success, please read this article!

My name is Marian Barnow and this article looks closer if there is a difference between success and fulfilment and why so many people struggle to have both at the same time. And first of all I am happy you are here taking time reading that article for the next five minutes.

You will get to know:

  • Why success and fulfillment do not always come together.

  • What you can do to bring both into you life.

  • How metaphysical teachings have helped me and many others to align success and fulfillment and brought purpose to many human life's.

  • And why left my job even if their was good payment involved.

Since a few years I am trained as a certified healer in der tradition of the modern mystery school and had the honor to work with many people in different countries. I choose that career of a healer because from a young age I have seen disease, sickness and apathy from life in my closest environments and family. But I wanted to see healthy and successful people who enjoy their lifes. i wanted that for myself and for my beloved ones.

From that I have asked myself often:

Is there a differnce between success and fulfillment?

My observations are:

First of all, it's very essential to understand that success is defined so differently for each person. What success means for me doesn't have to be 100% true for you.

For example, one person goes to a business meeting and his goal is to win five new customers with whom he will do business in the next month and generate new sales. If he has achieved that, it was a success for him.

Another person comes to the same business meeting and he says to himself, "If I meet just one person today with whom I share the same vibe, we can network and share the same vision, then this meeting was a huge success!!"

These are such different approaches to the same situation and there are billions of people and therefore billions of definitions of success.

Commonly, in the collective consciousness, success is associated with:

  • An overflowing bank account,

  • big house or condo, or even more to have as assets

  • the sports car cabriolet or the range rover

  • and a life partner who looks like he or she came off the cover of Playboy or Men's Health Magazine.

So all the good life scenes seen in social media.

And for me there is aboslutely nothing wrong to have all of that.

In the hermetic ways we say: As within so without.

That means someone who has an inner wealth don't has to be poor on the outside. In contrast the outer world should be a reflection of the inner world and for that a person with a bunch of inner welath should have that wealth represented physically in their life's.

But the things is that there are people who have all that physical wealth and from the outside we would assume that they are massively successful which can be correct, but success doesn't always have to mean fulfilment at the same time.

Let me tell you a short story from my life as I am working also in a school with a lot of smart students.

Often when I teach lectures about philosophy and life I used to ask the classroom:

How many of you believe there are people in this world who have a LOT of money and are very happy? Usually everyone raises hands.

I will ask again:

And how many of you believe there are people in this world who have a LOT of money but are still very unhappy? Everyone raises hands.

I will ask again:

And how many of you believe there are people with very less of money but they are happy? You would again see everyone raising their hands.

And I will ask the final question: How many of you believe there are poor people who are not happy? Everyone raises hands.

So I am asking them: Do you think now money is the absolute key to fulfilment and happiness?

The answer is no.

Why is that?

Look, there are so many people who think (and I was one of them): "If I am financially stable, then I will be happy and then I can tackle my projects that are really close to my heart. When I have the new car from the new brand, then I can be happy, when I have the next piece of clothing, then I can be happy. When I go on the next holiday and I'm away from the work I don't like, then I can be happy."

These are thoughts that first of all have something to do with external circumstances and state:

"If this external circumstance is there, then I can be fulfilled and happy inside."

But that's not how it works in our world for us humans to live fulfilled, because there are certain laws that apply to us and we have to obey them.

These specific laws are called cosmic laws or spiritual laws or hermetic laws and they work from the inside out instead from the outside in.

This means that I must first generate fulfilment within myself in order to then also feel fulfilment and from that this arises around me.

Since I have applied these hermetic laws in my life my definition of success is:

I have the frequency of success and fulfilment within me, together. And I live my life out of this frequency.

And every person has to find out for themselves what fullfils them and that has something to do with their own inner world and soul.

In general and this is the bottomline of every human life, we experience immense fulfilment when we help other people to have a more successful and enriched life. With every person I meet, I ask myself how I can get the best out of the time we have together for me and the other person. So that when our lives have crossed paths, the other person has a better life.

That is what fulfils me and for that I have received certain gifts and talents from life. Some are easy for me to exercise, some I have spent some time training and refining, and with them I can help other people today.

And the first step to finding out what brings me success is the path within.

And this path, in all the schools of wisdom on this earth, the words "Know Thyself" were always written above the temples, in ancient Greek Gnofti Sauton and in Latin Nosce te ipsum.

Even Socrates said that wisdom begins with knowing thyself. And I add: also the beginning of fulfilment and success.

Personally I have studied as a facilities and property manager and I after my graduation I had that contract in front of me with all that what would my life safe & secure. A good payment and development options as a leader and senior manager, the Mercedes car with payed gas and private use and even other contract offers from one of the most succesful companies in germany.

But I could not sign the contract as I knew it will not fulfill me deeply. It might bring me success in worldly manners but no deep inner fulfillment. So I decided to change careers and to figure out what really ignites the spark of my soul. And that was helping others to awake their life purpose trough my gifts and interests in healing and teaching, but in order to bring clarity to myself I had to go inward and develop the strenght to follow my inner guidance.

And so, from a young age, I invested a lot of time, energy and money in the path inside of me. And the path that worked most efficiently for me and changed my life permanently towards success and fulfilment was the path with the Modern Mystery School in the line of King Solomon and this path starts with Life Activation.

And what this Life Activation did for me was amazing because it literally brought hope to me that I can achieve all my goals that I truly want to achieve. After I have received the Life Activation I felt that this was just the beginning of an enormous boost into the correct direction of my life. Before that, it felt I was constantly missing something.

This Life Activation which is a two hours session can be booked with any certified Life Activation Practitioner at Modern Mystery School. Write to us today to get all the information about and to align your life with your life-purpose so success and fulfillment come from that.

With all love,

Marian Barnow

Life Activation Practitioner & Healer in the 3,000 year old lineage of King Solomon the Wise with the Modern Mystery School.

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