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Halloween - The Sacredness of Wiccan Samhain

Halloween is the modern-day name by which the sacred day of Samhain is known. In our day and age, children dress up as scary beings of “imagination” and trot up and down the neighbourhood in search of treats and tricks. While our more modern culture and method of honouring this sacred day is not as reverent in times past, the roots of our current holiday are marked in the traditions of old.

I want to give you a little insight into the sacredness of this event starting on the 31st of October each year.


Samhain is the old Celtic word that is used to describe the day that celebrates this change of seasons… that we would otherwise recognize as Halloween!

Samhain or All Hallows Eve is a very potent time and was one of the two days in the Wheel of the Year where the veil which barred our eyes from the spirit world was said to be at its thinnest.

It is most commonly celebrated with Halloween's tricks and treats, dress up and joyful parties.

As Samhain marks the last harvest, we prepare to descend into the darkness of winter and we pay homage to our ancestors who have made that final journey; wishing them well on their way. At this time, we pray that the bounty of our labours through the summer will help sustain us through the dark times of winter and we connect with and revere our ancestors and the nature spirits who journey with us as well.

Along with our ancestors, the thinned veils allow for us to communicate with elementals, such as faeries, dragons, sylphs, gnomes, and mermaids. Though these beings are constantly around us, we tend to forget and ignore them, especially as we grow older. These elementals are quite joyful beings that are here to help us on our missions throughout life so I highly suggest you try striking up a conversation with them while your psychic gifts are heightened.

To Wiccans, Samhain is one of the eight Sabbats that occur throughout the year, depending on your tradition and lineage, some even say it is the most important of the Sabbats. It marks the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of the winter season. Since the harvest season is coming to an end, take some time to reflect on everything you accomplished over the past year. In other words, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the work you put into this past year.

But before we get to celebrating, there’s some things that should be looked at in order to make the next coming year your most powerful year yet. The days are getting shorter and colder, while the nights are getting longer and darker. The leaves are slowly disappearing from the trees, the animals are preparing to hibernate, and in a way, our earth is preparing for a long sleep for the winter season. Although this final harvest season is a time to celebrate, it also has a somewhat darker theme of death.

Death can be scary, but it is a necessary part of the cycle of life. Once you have reflected on all of your accomplishments through the year, make sure you take some time to reflect on the things you were unable to manifest. If you find emotions, vices, or patterns that previously stopped you from manifesting, now is the perfect time to let them go. If you need some extra insight into what is stopping you, take this opportunity to talk to the elementals – they are quite the insightful beings!

A little Ritual to honour your ancestors

Here is a little ritual that is very potent in honoring your ancestors and celebrating this special time of the year with the touch of sacredness.

  1. Take a moment within your evening of the 31st of October and honour this time as a sacred time. You can do this on your own or with family and friends.

  2. Prepare yourself with two candles or tealights and something to light the candles with.

  3. Now allow yourself to light the fire of the first candle for. For that you can speak the following words of honour and love:

"Dear Mother, this candle shines for you. Without you, I would not be. I forgive you. I forgive myself. We are one."

"Dear Father, this candle shines for you. Without you, I would not be. I forgive you. I forgive myself. We are one."

Continue lightning candle by candle for all the ancestors you want to honour. Especially now those who passed over before us.

For all those you don't know personally you can also light one candle stating: "Dear ancestors who have walked before me: This candle shines for you. Without you, I would not be. We are one."

At last light a candle for yourself stating the following: This candle shines for me. Thank you ancestors, for preparing me the way. Without you, I would not be. We are one."

Feel the energy. Feel the peace and power that ignites within.


Blessings, Marian

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