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Wir sind alle Teil eines großes Göttlichen Puzzles

We all are pieces of the same divine puzzle. Everybody with its unique mission and expression. Standing here with Divina Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke recently as lovely Divina Dr. Kate Bartram-Brown took the photo at the last International Event of the Modern Mystery School UK & Europe happened in London, UK. Ancient teachings, esoteric teachings, occult teachings that have their roots in more then 8.000 years of tradition.

For me these teachings are not about ‚personal development’ as it is a big thing today.. it’s not about developing one’s personality... it’s more about empowering you as a divine being which is a completely different thing for me. As an empowered eternal being we have big opportunity to bring changes to an individual and global scale. Manifesting rapidly in alignment with the goodness of one’s heart and bringing more pieces of heaven down to earth are some of the key things we do as gods and goddesses in daily life.

I’ve read Divina Dr. Theresa Bullard] book recently called the ‚Game Changers’ and I deeply resonated with it’s core message. We are in a very important and potent phase in the progression of humanity and every ‚Game Changer‘ & ‚Consciousness Evolver‘ has their important role here. It’s time to step up as leaders to create the desired future. As His Holiness the @dalailama said: ,The future is in our hands.’

Let’s build it all together!!

Are you a Game Changer and Consciousness Evolver? If yes share your piece of the puzzle with the world! Anf if you want to explore and find out what is your piece of the divine puzzle and how to live it and share it with the world - reach out and doors will open!

Written by Marian Barnow

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