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Image by Markus Spiske

Energy - The secret to master your life

Become succesful in all areas of your life trough the metaphysical secrets that high initiates have used for hundreds of years.

Special event:
Janary 26th
in Berlin

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Energy - The secret to master your life
incl. Group Healing with the highest Ray of Creation

Have you ever wondered what's the difference why some people become succesfull in everything they do and some people just seem to have thousands of hinderances in their lifes?

Have you ever wondered why for some people life is easy and things fall into their lap why some people have a real struggle to come to any point in their finances, relationships and inner fulfillment?

Have you ever wanted to know how to unlock these hidden potentials of success and fulfillment within you and which role plays Energy and consciousness in that?

Then join this extraordinary event with special guest and high initiate Shani Lehrer, successful owner of several businesses, multidimensional entrepreneur, Healer, Teacher and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Saalomon and leader of the Modern Mystery School Israel  and you will know how!!

You will:
• Receive informations how to unlock hidden potentials within you trough the use of energy, consciousness and metaphysics
• Get to know about the secrets of success and creation that people like DaVinci, Michelangelo and Nikola Tesla have used
• You will meet likeminded people who are interested in spirituality, the secrets of the universe and meditation
• And you will receive a Group-Healing with the Ensofic Ray, the highest ray of creation that contains

   the whole Reiki-System and goes even beyond. 

Join this event full of healing and hidden knowledge to bring true abundance to your life.

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Your host:

Shani Lehrer

Shani Lehrer, Internationale Wegbegleiterin, Lehrerin, Heilerin, ist eine multidimensionale kreative Unternehmerin und Sprecherin. Sie hegt eine tiefe Leidenschaft für das Erwachen und den Frieden auf diesem Planeten. Bei allen Projekten von Shani geht es darum, Geist und Materie zu verbinden und die Menschen an ihre wahre Essenz und ihr höchstes Potenzial zu erinnern.

Während ihrer Besuche bietet Shani eine Reihe von kraftvollen privaten Heilungssitzungen an, bei denen sie die neuesten Werkzeuge der hoch spirituellen Modalitäten aus der hermetischen Linie von König Salomon verwendet. Dazu gehören die Etherische Rekonstruktion, die König-Salomon-Heilungsmodalitäten, die ganzheitliche und spirituelle Rekonfiguration von Schäden, die durch Sucht und Drogenmissbrauch verursacht wurden, und viele weitere, die auf Anfrage erhältlich sind.

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This evening is for you, in case:

  • If you feel you want to create a huge positive shift in your life.

  • When you feel deep within you that you have a great task to fulfill in this life.

  • If you have had a spiritual awakening and want to know what is the best next step.

  • If you want to learn the secrets of true success and why people like Leonardo DaVinci, Bach, Michelangelo, Nikola Tesla were able to create such great things for humanity and learn how you can do the same.

Image by Markus Spiske

Learn the keys to unlock your hidden potentials:

  • Experience an evening full of Healing

  • Learn the secrets of success taught by highly succesful business owner Dr Kate Bartram Brown who is rarely on german ground

  • Connect with likeminded people

  • Have an evening filled with joy

Location and Prices:



Claudiusstr. 6, 10557 Berlin​


26th of January 2022

6 - 8 pm


25 € for Online Pre-Booking

35 € if you pay at the door (Attention: Seats are limited)

Pre-Book your seat now


This event is limited to 50 seats so please be quick and book your spot today because seats go fast.

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